Members Directory

On this page you´ll find all the I.K.K.A.-Europe schools, Individual members and dedicated Black Belts.

The list is not entirely complete yet.

If your school is not on this page, or your website/e-mail has changed, please e-mail us at

List of schools

BelgiumAction Kenpo Karate Herselt
DenmarkEnibra Martial Arts
FranceASSM Karaté Kenpo
GermanyAsia Budo Club
GreeceVasilis Kenpo Karate
GuernseyIKKA Guernsey
IrelandRathdown Kenpo Karate
IrelandLoreto College Kenpo Karate
JerseyJersey Kenpo Karate Association
PortugalIKKA Portugal
SpainIKKA España
SpainKenpo Karate gym templo del tao
SpainEscuela de artes marciales Hawaii
The NetherlandsAction Kenpo Karate Houten
The NetherlandsAction Kenpo Karate Maarssen
The NetherlandsKatsudo Kenpo
The NetherlandsKenpo4U
The NetherlandsFlammen
The NetherlandsKenpo Rotterdam
The NetherlandsAction Kenpo Karate Utrecht
The NetherlandsAction Kenpo Karate Culemborg
The NetherlandsSchool of combative arts
The United KingdomFlaming Fist Kenpo

List of active black belts

Jersey CIRoy Mcdonald9th black belt
IrelandPaul Dowling9th black belt
The NetherlandsHans Hesselmann8th black belt
SpainJose Enrique Hernandez Matasanz8th black belt
Jersey CIRichard Matthews8th black belt
IrelandAlan Corrigan8th black belt
The United KingdomMatt Snell7th black belt
SpainJose Maria Guttierez7th black belt
Jersey CINigel Romeril7th black belt
Jersey CITim Skingle6th black belt
Jersey CIDave Williams6th black belt
The NetherlandsErik Branger6th black belt
The NetherlandsRomano Michielsen6th black belt
The United KingdomWayne Wilson5th black belt
PortugalAlexandre Ribeiro5th black belt
GreeceChristos Koutelieris5th black belt
GreeceFotis Haronis5th black belt
The United KingdomPaul King4th black belt
The NetherlandsMichael Woudstra4th black belt
Jersey CISimon Wheatley4th black belt
The NetherlandsErnst Blikslager4th black belt
Jersey CIRay Molloy4th black belt
The United KingdomSteve Coles4th black belt
The NetherlandsJaap Jan de Lange4th black belt
The United KingdomAndy Tedder3rd black belt
The NetherlandsAgaath Wartena3rd black belt
The NetherlandsRoberto Gilliot3rd black belt
Jersey CIJon Allo3rd black belt
DenmarkJannie Ellekjær Nielsen3rd black belt
The NetherlandsJaap van de Ridder3rd black belt
DenmarkSophie Holm Strøm3rd black belt
DenmarkNiklas Agger3rd black belt
BelgiumGunther Groenestein2nd black belt
Jersey CIBrian Crossley2nd black belt
The NetherlandsRoxanne van Rijswijk2nd black belt
The United KingdomMichelle Tedder2nd black belt
GermanyKathrin Franke2nd black belt
IrelandConor O'Halloran2nd Black belt
Jersey CIDex Hislen2nd black belt
IrelandSean O'Halloran2nd Black belt
Jersey CIJoseph Martin2nd black belt
ItalyCarlo Antonelli2nd black belt
The United KingdomJenny Fellows2nd black belt
Jersey CIDawn Venton2nd black belt
The United KingdomAmber Lovelock2nd black belt
The NetherlandsHill Kopuit2nd black belt
Jersey CIRob Davison2nd black belt
DenmarkNiklas Illum1st black belt
GreeceChristos Roumeliotis1st black belt
The United KingdomEddie Malleth1st black belt
GreeceMiltiadis Kotronis1st black belt
GreeceStelios Korlos1st black belt
GreeceAntonis Voutyritsas1st black belt
The NetherlandsVincent van Wees1st black belt
The NetherlandsJacco de Hoog1st black belt
The NetherlandsTheo van Galen1st black belt
The NetherlandsMichael Spijker1st black belt
The NetherlandsStefan Moes1st black belt
The NetherlandsPeter Woltjes1st black belt
The NetherlandsAdriaan Heinen1st black belt
The NetherlandsGlenn Baart1st black belt
GermanySerge N'Silu1st black belt
Jersey CIRoss Witelaw1st black belt
Jersey CIKarl Block1st black belt
The NetherlandsStefanie Bakker1st black belt
ItalyTito Riccardo Tutolo1st black belt
ItalyAntonio Maria Catena1st black belt
IrelandAilbhe Dowling1st Black belt
IrelandColin Reilly1st Black belt
The NetherlandsAndré van Ham1st black belt
IrelandLorcan Carey
GreeceVasilis Vezyrgiannis
IrelandFinn Ryan
IrelandMichael Reilly
GuernseyAndy Bougaise
SpainJuan Luis Verde
GuernseyDanny Fox
Jersey CIDavid Williams
SpainAntonio Martinez
SpainAntonio Lopez
GreeceTsimperis Panagiotis
GuernseyHeather Rose

List of individual members

GermanyFrank Pfennig
GermanyRonald Koch
GermanyBritt Heinze
GermanyAndre Sauer
GermanyNancy Siegmund
GermanyTorsten Plavius
GermanyDennis La Bouchardiere