Championships History


In 1964, Ed Parker held his first “International Karate Championships” (IKC) in Long Beach, California, which became the largest Martial Arts tournament in the US for many years. The IKC´s brought out some of the best martial artists from around the world.

In 1982 the first IKC Europe was held in Jersey hosted by Roy Mc Donald, with Mr Parker as special guest.

The second IKC Europe in 1983 was in Willich, Germany. It was Rainer Schulte, being the European director for the I.K.K.A. at that time, that started this IKC Europe in order to give some of the European I.K.K.A. members a chance to compete at the I.K.K.A. level, since most could not afford to travel to Long Beach. The original 3 coloured IKC flame patch was altered to the Black & Silver version for these yearly events.

Europe FlameOriginal Flame

In the following years there were still the “Internationals” in Long Beach each year, while there was also a European Camp or Tournament being held in the following countries:

1984-1988Jersey CI
1990Exeter UK
1991Plymouth UK

At a meeting held in Exeter, England in early 1990 Mr. Parker had spoken of his desire to see annual tournaments held in Europe and was particularly interested in seeing one held in Dublin.    This meeting was attended by the following European I.K.K.A. instructors: Roy MacDonald, Graham L’Elliot, Paul Dowling, Shay McNamee, Ed Downey, Mervyn Ormand, Garry Ellis, Jakki McVicar, and Jose Maria Gutierrez.

Following to that meeting, successful I.K.K.A. events were held annually with Mrs Parker attending as I.K.K.A. president in:

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1991 Ireland '92-'94 Jersey1995 Spain 1996 Jersey
1997 Holland1998 Greece1999 Ireland2000 Jersey

In 2001 Mrs Leilani Parker and the I.K.K.A. took the “Internationals” and made it a truly International event, by travelling to the following I.K.K.A. Countries…

2001 Portugal2002 Spain2003 USA2004 Ireland
2005 Greece2006 Holland2007 Mexico2008 Jersey CI
2009 USA2010 USA2011 Spain2012 Holland
2013 USA2014 USA

Being held from 1964 ’till 2014, the IKC´s have been the longest running Martial Arts event in history.

‘The flame still burns’



2018 Germany2019 Holland2020 Holland


All IKKA European members gather twice a year at the IKKA-Europe Training Camp being organised in a different European country and the annual European Championships. Below you’ll find the upcoming events.


2017 Tongerlo, Belgium 27/29 Oct.
2018 Exeter, England 27/29 Apr.
2018 European Championships, “The Experience” 20/23 Sept.
2019 Pescara, Italy 26/28 Apr.
2019 European Championships, ‘The Experience” 24/27 Oct.
2020 Odense, Denmark 8/10 May
2020 European Championships, “The Experience” 22/24 Oct.
2021 Nice, France t.b.a.
2021 European Championships, “The Experience” t.b.a.