Structure – Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

The European Board exists to Preserve, Teach and Perpetuate the art and lineage of Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate system in Europe

European Structure

The structure adopted by I.K.K.A.-Europe is a clearly defined flattened organization and is a move away from a strictly hierarchical model.

The policies and decision making processes are fully transparent and are continually open to review. Our meetings emphasize that the opinion of a first degree black belt is of equal important to that of a ninth degree.

We believe that by using this structure we have moved away from ad hoc arbitrary decisions and are moving to a cohesive inclusive martial arts organization.

All I.K.K.A.-Europe school/club owners are representatives of Kenpo practitioners. We encourage them to provide feedback and seek proposals to enable decisions to be made in a transparent and democratic manner.

The European Board of Trustees as shown in the organogram comprises long time Kenpo practitioners who were selected by the Parker family in 2003. They decide on the strategic direction and policies of I.K.K.A.-Europe. We will expand the Board in the near future and the manner in which this will be done is amongst the many items to be discussed at future meetings.  

The CEO acts on behalf of the Board, Reps and individual members of I.K.K.A.-Europe. The CEO will also control the issuing of I.K.K.A.-Europe membership and promotional certificates ensuring all the specified regulations as outlined have been complied with. This ensures that we are seen as striving for consistency across our organization and are pursuing high standards and control in our promotions to higher rank.

All of IKKA Europe wants to thank Romano Michielsen for all the great work done over the last five years as CEO, for his energy, patience, determination, time and effort dedicated to bring IKKA Europe to a very strong position. A very warm welcome to Carlo Antonelli and congratulations on becoming our next CEO. We have many challenges ahead but working togheter we will all continue to develop and enhnce IKKA Europe.