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About IKKA Europe

The Kenpo Karate Association of America was founded in 1956 by Edmund K. Parker In the early 1960´s Mr. Parker changed the name of the organisation to the International Kenpo Karate Association which recognised the fact that his organisation had truly become international following John McSweeney opening a Kenpo school in Dublin, Ireland.

Mr. Parker was president and the inspirational driving force behind the organisation until his untimely death in December 1990. Following Mr. Parker’s death in 1990 Mrs. Leilani Parker became I.K.K.A. president and remained in this position, supported by many loyal instructors across the world, until her retirement early in 2003.

Today, the members  in Europe perpetuate the art of American Kenpo Karate as developed and taught by Senior Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker. The function of IKKAEurope is to be a non-commercial governing body to fulfil Mr. Parker´s dream to unite and make his creation “The American Kenpo Karate System” a worldwide recognized and well organized Martial Art.

Mr. Parker is not here anymore, so it´s up to us to fulfil his dream, a dream we all share.

The Board and all the European Representatives are loyal to the International Kenpo Karate Association founded by Mr Parker and therefore we are working with a structure which reflects this loyalty and at the same time allow the Board and its members to develop and to implement the visions held by Mr. Parker.

It´s up to us and the generations to come to keep the flame burning, united, constantly and with an energy and beauty as never seen before.

European establishment

The historical fact is that IKKA-Europe is established in 1979 and registered by Rainer Schulte in 1984 in Dusseldorf, Germany on the direction of SGM Edmund K Parker.

On August 6th, 1979 Mr. Parker gave Rainer Schulte the position of European Director for the I.K.K.A. His primary assignment was to establish a separate entity, the IKKA-Europe.

IKKA-Europe nowadays is build upon the fundamentals that were created by Rainer Schulte when he started with this task, and although several years of inactivity, the IKKA-Europe has and always will be the legitimate force for American Kenpo in Europe.

At a Gathering in Dublin in January 2015 European Representatives that stayed loyal to the IKKA all these years, agreed upon re-energizing IKKA-Europe.

Many old members that were part of history of the development of IKKA-Europe in the 80ties, gave their trust and blessings and carry an important role in the ‘New’ IKKA-Europe.

When Rainer Schulte heard of this initiative, he was delighted and proud that his assignment given to him by Mr. Parker will be continued.

Training Camp

Gathering & Training Camp


IKKA-Europe is travelling to a different IKKA country each year.           We do this, to give those who are not able to travel, the opportunity to train with our Top-instructors and meet and work out with other Kenpoist from different European countries.

Beside the Seminars, IKKA-Europe has this unique concept of Masterclasses. Teachings out of the original curriculum, without any own interpretation by the instructor. Just exactly the way Mr. Parker wrote it down in his manuals. This way we will preserve the Art and create a high overall European standard.

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