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The structure adopted by IKKA Europe is a clearly defined flattened organization.


On this page you’ll find all the dates of Seminars and Competitions which are held in Europe.

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Learn more about who we are and about the European establishment of American Kenpo.

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TNG Group

IKKA Europe invests in the new generation of Kenpo Karate. Find out more about how to join the group and it’s events.


Welcome to the website of IKKA Europe, founded and registered by Rainer Schulte on October 16, 1984 with the consent of Senior Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker. At this website you will find information on the organisation as it works now.

There is a school directory, showing European IKKA schools and we will also keep you updated on the European Kenpo Karate Championships and other news items.


We invite you to visit all the pages below and if you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to send us an e-mail.



IKKA Europe is travelling to a different IKKA country each year for gatherings and training camps. We do this, to give those who are not able to travel, the opportunity to train with our top instructors and meet and work out with other Kenpoist from different European countries.



Beside the Seminars, IKKA Europe has this unique concept of Masterclasses. Teachings out of the original curriculum, with useful insights of today by the instructor. This way we will preserve the Art and uplift it with modern day thinking to create a high overall European standard.

IKKA Europe is delighted to release the following information on the 2024 IKKA Europe Championships.
The event, which will include IKKA Europe Black belt tests, international seminars, international tournament and Celebration Dinner will run from Thursday October 3rd to Sunday October 6th and will be held in Gloucester, England. The 4 grand champions from last year’s tournament in Rome will be invited back to teach and compete. All martial artists are welcome.
Please note that the tournament will start on Friday October 4th for all competitors and finish on Saturday October 5th.
Further information will be published in the coming weeks.
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Kenpo karate

Founded and codified by Ed Parker, American Kenpo Karate is primarily a self-defense combat system. It’s a good physical education that stimulates versatile motor development, perseverance and self-control. Through Kenpo training everyone can strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem. Learn to work together and take each other into account. Learning to deal with strength and power in a responsible way and also learning to stand up for yourself which will make you feel better as a person. 

Surely this should be accessible to everyone? Check out our school registry for a Kenpo Karate school close to your location.

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It´s up to us and the generations to come to keep the flame burning, united, constantly and with an energy and beauty as never seen before.
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In many European Countries 91%
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