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Ed Parker’s American Kenpo has a rich history and has been well documented and preserved even before the Kenpo Karate Association of America was founded in 1956. In 1979 IKKA Europe was first established and, through the dedicated efforts of several key figures across Europe, has spread and flourished and remains a popular martial art. Now, more than ever, it is time for our experienced instructors to support and mentor the younger generations progressing in the fantastic art that Mr Parker has bestowed us. With that in mind in
2018 IKKA Europe established The Next Generation (TNG). After deciding that the younger generation could really help boost the organisation and keep it going into the future. The very first meeting of TNG happened in 2019 at the IKKA Europe Training camp in Italy.

TNG History2

After this meeting they built up to 15 members and had some exciting plans and ideas ready to put forward for the 2020 Summer Camp in Denmark. However sadly due to covid restrictions across the world, this never came to be. TNG worked really hard to survive this difficult time by zoom meetings with members across Europe, but sadly struggled to put new ideas in place due to time zones, illness’s and
other commitments. It was decided to wait until we were all back in person to reignite the group once again.

At the 2022 IKKA European Championships in Malta. TNG held its first in person meeting at the end of the weekend. During this time all in attendance voted in two members to be representatives and lead the group for the year ahead. They were Sinéad Byrne, UK and Michael Spijker, Netherlands. Their role is to also attend all IKKA Europe
representatives’ meetings to portray the views and ideas of TNG to the higher members and also be given tasks to complete at their next meetings.


The Next Generation have an incredibly important role to perform with a very diverse agenda. Some of the aims include.
• Preserving the Ed Parker American Kenpo system whilst keeping it fresh and relevant.
• Securing mentorship from senior instructors.
• Updating the support system to member clubs with document templates and training courses.
• Continual development of competition divisions and rules.
• Listening and reacting to members ideas.
• Offering a network of like-minded individuals with a common interest
• Encouraging collaboration and friendship throughout the membership
• Meeting in person once a year at the annual IKKA Europe Championships and through online videos/emails throughout the year.
• The possibilities are endless as to the roles and ideas of the TNG as it will actively work on issues, ideas or opinions of its members dynamically changing with the members


After reading through have we perked your interest in our group? Would you like to be part of the future of Kenpo across Europe.
Then please see below the guidelines on joining us:

o We would like one representative from each IKKA member club to put forward one person who is not the head instructor of their club*
o Each member must be aged 18+
o Rank required is 1st Degree Black Belt to 4th Degree Black Belt**
o A positive mindset and be open to new ideas
o Ideally attending the IKKA Europe Championships that year
o Be available for video zoom calls for approx. 4 meetings a year

*If you are not currently a member of IKKA Europe, but wish to be part of TNG. Please still get in touch, as we do have options available.
** If your club does not yet have a black belt or member who fits the rank listed, you may still apply and we can look at your application on a member to member basis.

To sign up for the TNG group, to ask questions or to get further information please send an email to tngeurope@gmail.com

TNG – The future of Kenpo Karate

Let’s keep The Flame burning, brighter than ever!


THE Kenpo Connection event: K.I.C.K.

A seminar and mini competition weekend in Gloucester, U.K. 22-23 of July 2023


This event is open to all adults, kids and spectators to come and join us.
Follow the link below it will take you to the booking and information page.
If you have any questions please message and ask, we are always happy to help!

We really hope you, your students and friends can join us for a weekend of open minds, learning, competition and fun!


Much respect,
Sinéad and Dawn