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Since we are a foundation, we have no interest at all in making any profit, this means that Membership and Testing fees are as low as possible.
The foundation is officially registered in Europe. This means with your joining you can achieve many benefits in your own country concerning recognition, insurance etc.
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  • Access to the infinite knowledge of the system carried on by the many European high ranked instructors.
  • Internationally Recognized Rank
  • Affiliations throughout Europe and many countries outside of Europe.
  • School certification,
  • Certificates of rank and updates
  • High standards for students and instructors.
  • Advance Training Camps & Seminars for students and instructors.
  • High Class Competition in many European Countries.
  • Discount on all events.

  • School Membership fee is only € 50 per year.

    This includes the School, the Instructors and all it’s Members.

  • Individual Membership fee is only € 25 per year.

application forms

For your IKKA Europe membership you can download the application form down here. To avoid any written mistakes, we ask you to fill in the form clearly in uppercase letters.

Send you application to our e-mail Upon receipt, our international representative will contact you as soon as possible to complete the neccesary process.


Black belt testing

Black Belt Testing takes place at the annual I.K.K.A.-Europe Gathering & Training Camp and the annual European Championships.

Rank Testing is possible for all I.K.K.A.-Europe members.

All individual students are I.K.K.A.-Europe members 

if their school has paid its annual membership fee.

All rank testing must be recommended by the instructor.

The instructor must send the application form to which gives the candidate

the opportunity to apply for the first upcoming test.

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Test nominations must only be made in respect of active Kenpo practitioners who are prepared to test before a testing panel. All schools should strive to teach the complete Kenpo syllabus including technique extensions and all second sets. For all black belt promotions there must be at least one person on the panel two ranks above the rank that the candidate is being tested for. A Board of Trustee member must be present for all promotions to 5th degree and above. The time requirements are set out below and are in line with BOT (Board of Trustee) recommendations made in 2003. I.K.K.A.-Europe certificates will be issued from the I.K.K.A.-Europe CEO following verification that the time requirements are met.



Rank testing for

Minimum period since last rank

Minimum period as black belt

2nd degree black belt

2 years

2 years

3rd degree black belt

3 years

5 years

4th degree black belt

4 years

9 years

5th degree black belt

5 years

14 years

6th degree black belt

5 years

19 years

7th degree black belt

5 years

24 years

8th degree black belt

5 years

29 years

9th degree black belt

5 years

34 years

We will protect the credibility of Kenpo within our organisation and will not allow an uncontrolled race to very high ranks. In the case of a first generation black belt student (promotion where Ed Parker is shown as the instructor on the certificate) the time requirements should only operate between ranks obtained after 1990. The reason for this modification is to respect the time between ranks decided on by Mr Parker while he was the direct instructor.